Yuzu Canary emulator update

Yuzu Canary emulator update brings Async GPU; Super Mario Odyssey now runs at 60 fps

Let's take a look at an incredible update that we have just got to Yuzu emulator. The latest Yuzu Canary emulator update has at least for many users with powerful CPUs ...
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Lepow - Portable Monitor

Indepth Review of Lepow 1080p Portable monitor

I finally found a portable monitor specifically with USB type-c capabilities. This is known as the 15.6-inch portable monitor by Lepow. It has a resolution of 1920 by 1080. It ...
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World's best VPN Services

List of World’s best VPN Services with all features explained

This guide presents you with the best VPN services currently available. All of these services have unlimited bandwidth or data, fast speeds, military-grade encryption, support for multiple platforms, and many ...
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Speed Up And Increase Windows 10 PC Performance

How to speed up and increase Windows 10 PC performance upto 10X for free

To increase the speed of your Windows 10 PC, you can delete all types of different temp files, cache, etc. which is stored on the computer. In this guide, I'll ...
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Updates For Emulators

New upgrades and updates for three emulators – RPCS3, Yuzu, and Xenia(Xbox360 emulator)

Here's a look at three emulators - RPCS3, Yuzu, and Xenia(Xbox360 emulator). There is a great deal to cover in this report concerning new upgrades and updates for emulators, new ...
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Chinese Handheld Emulation Console

Chinese handheld emulation console, Retro Game 300 – Unboxing and Review

Chinese handheld emulation console, RG 300 or Retro Game 300 is now available online. I've been trying to get my hands on as many as Chinese emulation consoles I can, ...
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History of GameStop and reasons for its decline

There's a good chance that GameStop is, or once were a big part of your life, and they're not doing well. To me, their current situation isn't as bad as ...
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Nintendo WiiU Emulator, Cemu Latest Update

Nintendo WiiU emulator, Cemu latest update – version 1.16.0 has Vulkan Support

Nintendo WiiU emulator, Cemu just got a fantastic update. Some time ago they released their 1.16.0 work in progress build. This build had Vulkan renderer, which is a total GameChanger ...
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Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra: Price, Release date and comparison with Bitcoin

Facebook has recently announced its own cryptocurrency currency called Libra. They have also announced a wallet to keep that cryptocurrency safe, called Calibra. Every bank, business regulators, and privacy advocates ...
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How To Install Android X86 On Any PC

How to install Android x86 with Google Play store on any PC: The Complete Guide (with a step-by-step list)

I personally used Android x86 8.1 to run on an old HP machine. After you install Android x86, you'll have access to the Google play store. So you can then ...
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Facebook City

Facebook City: The Silicon Valley tech giant’s new conquest move

South of San Francisco, in Menlo Park, the heart of Silicon Valley, lies a series of unremarkable offices. They have creative names like "Building 57", "Building 40", and wait for ...
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MOQI i7s – The best budget smartphone for native Android gaming and emulation

There is this new impressive gaming smartphone from a company called Snail; It is the MOQI i7s. It resembles the PlayStation Vita. But it still differs a lot. MOQI i7s ...
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Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite: Full Specs, New Features, Release date and Switch Pro speculations

It finally happened, Nintendo has officially unveiled the Nintendo Switch Lite. Now, usually, when Nintendo has used the moniker of lite, they're referring to a smaller, trimmed down version of ...
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